Invisipon F.A.Q.

First off......what's the catch?

There's no catch. We just think it's ridiculous in this day and age that people should have to waste hours of their lives clipping or hunting for coupons to get the discounts that the manufacturers and retailers want you to have.

Does this cost anything?

What do I need?

How does this work?

How do I redeem my coupons?

What is a Coupon Savings Account?

Who decides what coupons I get?

Can I use both paper and digital coupons?

Is my personal information private?

What if I'm not getting the coupons I want?

How long are my coupons good for?

Who manages my Coupon Savings Account?

I'm an extreme couponer and I like to pair up store sales with manufacturer coupons. Can I do that with Invisipon?

I like to buy what I like to buy whether there's a coupon or not. How can Invisipon save me money?