Invisipon's patent-pending digital coupon distribution, redemption and reimbursement technology is a breakthrough digital coupon solution for supermarkets and pharmacies. Our application programming interface, ("API") plugs easily into your existing infrastructure and requires no coding or software know-how whatsoever. Invisipon is safe, secure and lightning fast. Best of all, your customer's will love the additional savings they receive just because they chose to shop at your store!


Invisipon's Intelligent Targeting & Personalization Module with Basket-Buster™ Technology generates a healthy return on investment by engaging consumers with offers for high-margin products they're likely buying at other stores. This fully automated solution identifies these consumers and entices them to purchase these items at your store while still providing a profit to the retailer. Once the offer has been successfully redeemed “X” number of times by the individual consumer, the offer is automatically removed so that the consumer can be “tested” to see if consumer behavior modification has been achieved. However, if the Module detects that the consumer has reverted to purchasing the item(s) elsewhere again, the offer will be automatically reintroduced to the consumer and the entire process is repeated.

Logic Employed:

There are certain high-margin products that most every consumer must purchase such as shampoo, laundry detergent, toilet tissue, etc. However, according to a 2017 report from Acosta Sales & Marketing, 76% of shoppers visit more than one (1) retailer per week to purchase items sold in the grocery store. Now, Invisipon provides an opportunity for a retailer to earn 100% of the consumer spend by automatically providing offers that the independent supermarket owner would make available to an individual consumer if:

a) He knew the consumer needed to buy “X”
b) He knew the consumer was going to buy “X” at another store
c) He could sell “X” to the consumer at a reduced price and still make a profit
d) The consumer would eventually get in the habit of buying “X” at his store (and paying full price)
e) In the short-term, he’d rather make a profit of $.50 on “X” rather than zero (0) from the consumers buying these products elsewhere
f) He could discretely make this offer available ONLY to consumers that were not already buying “X” at his store and paying full price

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To learn more about Invisipon’s Intelligent Targeting & Personalization Module with Basket-Buster™ Technology, click here to download the four (4) slide PowerPoint presentation in PDF format. Don't wait to see what kind of return on investment you can generate with Invisipon's fully-automated Intelligent Targeting & Personalization Module. Find out right now by clicking here to download the Targeting & Personalization ROI Calculator.


Whether you have an existing loyalty program or not, Invisipon works for you. Because Invisipon is integrated directly into the point-of-sale ("POS") system, consumers are able to redeem all in-store coupons and CPG manufacturer coupons from their Invisipon account at checkout, in real-time, either with or without a store loyalty card. Invisipon is currently integrated into Toshiba SurePOS ACE (formerly IBM), LOC SMS, NCR ISS45 and NCR ACS. Additional integration solutions are currently being developed. Please contact Invisipon if you do not see your POS software vendor listed.


If you've ever been stuck behind someone using a lot of paper coupons, then you've experienced one of the most frequently heard complaints consumers have about grocery shopping. While it's understandable that someone might want to save as much money as possible, it's simply not fair to the consumers standing in line behind that customer. Invisipon has solved this problem. Coupons redeemed through the Invisipon system are redeemed all at once, all at the same time, all with one simple scan of the consumer's iCard or loyalty card. Think of it like a payment. Consumers don't pay for one (1) item at a time. They typically pay cash or swipe a credit card for ALL items in their basket. We think coupon redemption should be the same way. One simple scan should apply all coupons for all products.......plain and simple. Watch the video shown below to see just how fast Invisipon coupons are applied to the checkout.


Invisipon clears CPG manufacturer coupons digitally, therefore, we are able to dramatically reduce the reimbursement time for retailers. Traditional paper coupons take 30-60 days for reimbursement, and research has shown that most retailers only receive $.87 on the dollar for each coupon redeemed. Invisipon guarantees 100% face value reimbursement for every coupon, every time, improving cash flow by an average of 40 days.


So let's get this straight. A third-party company puts out an offer. I, as the retailer am expected to honor it in good faith for our mutual customer and my reward for that is a chargeback because my checkout clerk missed some fine-print? Yeah.........we think that's pretty ridiculous too. With Invisipon, if the coupon is in the consumer's account and the consumer purchases the product, THERE WILL BE NO CHARGEBACK. Guaranteed.


If these words don't describe your current offer strategy, then it's time to take a look at the future of digital offer solutions. Contact Invisipon today at (678) 971-9701 for a private, no obligation demo of the Invisipon System for Retailers.